Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I got to thinking, I have never made an apple pie on my own.  I have had lovely experiences making pies with my mom and grandma, but it was time to give it a go.  The first order of business was to visit the apple guy at the farmers market.

 This farmers market, being located at the mill city ruins, is heavy in pie culture.  I did my best to absorb some.

The apple vendor had plenty of varieties, but my heart was set on the University of Minnesota's new variety Zestar.  It is an early season variety with great crunch.  It is definitely sweeter than the heirloom variety, Wealthy.  Despite various warnings of mixing apple varieties in pies (oh the horror!), I decided mine would have both.

After a visit with my mom for additional pie advice and a copy of my Grams proven pie crust recipe, I was on my own. 

I think I did pretty well!  I had to patch a few tears in the crust and nearly smoked us out of the house, but the pie was worth it.  Flaky crust with semi tart apples laced in cinnamon nutmeg and sugar.  Nothing wrong with that.


  1. Nice work! I love that it is a tall pie. I was going to say, I did not know the Zestar was a pie apple, but I like the risk you took in mixing it with a different variety I really like the name Zestar. I just read a whole bunch about it on the UMN Apples website. I had never heard of the SnowSweet. I need to study up.

    1. This was a crazy tall pie. I haven't tried the SnowSweet yet either. Mmm...apples!

  2. mixing apples is the way to be! i like the sounds of this zestar thing; sounds like an apple space ship.