Tuesday, January 21, 2014


This is a straight solicitation.  There is no doubt about it.  My pal Mariah is going through a tough time.  Her beloved cat Sam is ill.  He has a fatty liver and his skin has actually turned yellow.  Currently the veterinarians are trying various antibiotics to see if his issue can be treated without surgery.  Trying to uncover what the issue is has come at some expense.

We all have our own opinions regarding the medical treatment of pets.  Deciding what is appropriate for our furry companions is a tough task.  I am asking people to put that aside and support our pal Mariah.  Mariah isn't necessarily one to ask for help in this way but is always helpful of those around her.  If anyone feels like donating a few bucks to Mariah for her Sammy fund I know it would be appreciated.  Just click the donate button and I will make sure the funds get to her.

Thanks in advance.